You start off with all the motivation in the world. “This is it”, you say to yourself. This time is really going to be different, you know what to do you have done many times before. Your going to finally get in shape, lose that 30lbs, avoid foods that you know aggravate your diabetes, high blood pressure or gastric reflux. You carefully “watch” what you are eating all day and then after a long day you come home, starving, wanting to de-stress and have forgotten to plan for Dinner.  All of your resolve to make a different choice escapes your memory as you mindlessly eat whatever is available! Now you blew it, and you might as well just give up till next Monday.

This scenario is the norm not the exception, as we try to just wish ourselves to a healthier lifestyle rather than a well thought out plan. Would you consider taking a vacation, going to a business meeting or run a marathon without creating a plan of how you are going to accomplish these goals. Absolutely not, than why do we think we should be able to adhere to a diet /lifestyle goal without a plan?

You can’t, the expression “fail to plan or plan to fail” applies. Achieving or maintaining a healthy body does not happen by accident, it requires planning! This is where getting a strategic, personalized plan from a professional whose only focus is to give you the tools to accomplish your goals is crucial. This is not about will-power, it is about “skill-power”! In other words, planning ahead for where you know you have gotten into trouble before can make all the difference in the world. Overtime, you will strengthen the skills you need to make longterm meaningful changes.

Make your goal a reality by creating a personalized plan that works for you and your lifestyle. Every client has unique challenges. I have successfully counseled busy executives who travel 50% of the time, full-time parents who have to balance work and family, as well as many retirees who may eat Dinner out nearly every evening. You can see whether you have all the time in the world or are booked down to the minute, creating a diet and lifestyle that is in alignment with your goals requires strategic planning.

It is my personal mission at London Wellness to provide you with the tools you need to plan appropriately and successfully accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

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