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22519793 - proverb "health is wealth"Ready, Set, GO! It’s 2017 and you have decided (again) that this is the year you will shrink your waistline and grow your bank account. No more excuses! This is it! Now that we’re about half way through the year – tell us – how are you doing with those resolutions?

Okay, time for a reality check: 92% of people with a New Year’s resolution drop it—just in time for Super Bowl Sunday or Valentine’s Day. Albert Einstein said it best: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

What if there was a way to manage your weight and protect your health while increasing your ability to generate and hold on to your wealth? You are in luck! These seemingly polar-opposite goals are connected in ways you may have never considered.

It’s a fact: Eating a healthy diet and engaging in moderate exercise regularly can make you more money. Here’s how.

Increased productivity, energy, and stamina

Your earning potential is intertwined with the optimum functioning of your brain. Your brain uses 20% of the calories you consume and nearly 50% of the glucose available in your blood to keep it properly fueled. Eating a diet that provides a steady flow of glucose will guarantee you have the energy to focus. After glucose, the second major source of fuel for your brain is oxygen, and just try to go without that! Exercise, especially in the morning, can provide four additional hours of meaningful work. Finally, being more efficient means completing more tasks on your To-Do list in less time, leaving more gas in your tank for leisure activities. Bonus!

Fewer sick days

You’ve heard the expression: “You have to be in it to win it”? Showing up both physically and mentally can accomplish your health and wealth goals. Consuming nutrient-dense foods, abstaining from empty calories, and limiting stimulants will support a healthier immune system. There may be a slew of opinions about the perfect human diet, but everyone agrees on two things. First, vegetables are good. That’s right, eating a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables will support your health and wealth goals by providing essential phytonutrients as well as a slowly digested supply of glucose, both which are essential for keeping you not just healthy but also sharp as a tack. Second, processed carbohydrates should be limited or possibly eliminated entirely due to their special ability to raise blood glucose, insulin, increase fat storage, and suppress your immune system! Okay, so what’s it going to be: a bagel with jelly or a vegetable omelet to start your day? It’s your choice!

Manage stress—improved mood

When you are under stress, blood is diverted from your brain to your muscles, which makes sense if you’re a caveman running from a bear! However, modern-day life requires more cerebral skills to outwit a threat and—more importantly—endurance! Experiencing stress has the power to trigger a decreased ability to focus, anxiety, or depression. So, eating well not only improves you quality of life when everything runs smoothly but provides ammunition for when the pressure is on. When you are under stress, it can be helpful to remember that food can be your best ally!

Protect current and future assets

Hopefully, you have thought about saving your money, but have you ever considered your most precious asset: your health. Nothing can destroy your nest egg faster than unforeseen medical expenses. We are living longer than ever—great! However, we are also suffering from chronic diseases that are largely preventable. This means we have an opportunity to protect our assets by engaging in positive lifestyle changes and eliminating the bad habits. How about trading that side of fries for a salad, quitting smoking and starting to walk, and recording late night television shows and going for 8 hours of sleep?

Looking good, feeling good – the ultimate recipe for success

When we look good, we feel good, and apparently that good feeling pays off in more money! Dale Carnegie is quoted as saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression. People decide in less than two seconds what they think about your abilities. Weight and having muscle seem to play a role in how capable you are perceived. People who weigh more get paid less than their slimmer counterparts, and this is particularly true for women. In addition, having a little more muscle can really help open doors—pun intended. Let’s face it: when you feel good about how you look, your confidence increases, and that can lead to more success in every area of your life.

This New Year, make the choice to adopt a diet and lifestyle that genuinely supports your long-term health and wealth goals and put an end to New Year’s resolutions!


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