Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and is commonly accepted to be mostly preventable. In fact, only 5–10% of all cancer cases can be attributed to genetics. The remaining 90–95% is related to environmental factors. These diet and lifestyle factors include cigarette smoking, diet (fried foods, red meat), alcohol, sun exposure, environmental pollutants, infections, stress, obesity, and physical inactivity.

In addition to prevention, diet also has significant impact in how you manage treatment and recovery. Diet can be your most powerful weapon to prevent a diagnosis of cancer, manage treatment and recovery.


Review problem and history. Identify issue: prevention, cope with treatments, loss of appetite and weight loss, nausea, constipation diarrhea or fatigue.  Develop customized approach.


Using the customized plan as a guide, regular evaluations, review and strategy adjustments keep you on track to achieve the desired result.


Customized tools include a personalized strategy plan for prevention of re-occurrence and for long-term remission.


Raised sense of well-being and mood | Increased energy level and ability to engage in activities | Improved sleep quality and quantity | Normalized gastrointestinal functioning | Healthy body-composition ration | Strengthened immune system | Decreased illness length and frequency

If you or a loved one has concerns about cancer prevention, treatment or recovery you can adopt diet and lifestyle changes that will profoundly affect your quality of life and chances of staying cancer free.

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