20549510 - sugarIt has been demonstrated that sugar is 8-10 times more addictive than cocaine in laboratory rats, even rats that have already become addicted to cocaine. Sugar will cause those pleasure receptors in your brain to release an endorphin rush.

The problem isn’t just that we may enjoy an occasional dessert once, it is that sugar has been added to so many processed foods that we may not realize we are consuming sugar. Sugar has been added to breads, tomato sauces, peanut butter and even salad dressings!

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28878070 - couple sharing romantic sunset dinner on the beachYour diet does not need to go on vacation when you do. Too often, people use vacation as an excuse to mindlessly indulge in types or quantities of food they wouldn’t normally eat.,

Eating out at restaurants for most meals on vacation is a major contributor to the vacationer’s dilemma. There are several reasons restaurant dining can be so dangerous for your diet, in spite of your best intentions.

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Health Equals Wealth

22519793 - proverb "health is wealth"Ready, Set, GO! It’s 2017 and you have decided (again) that this is the year you will shrink your waistline and grow your bank account. No more excuses! This is it! Now that we’re about half way through the year – tell us – how are you doing with those resolutions?

Okay, time for a reality check: 92% of people with a New Year’s resolution drop it—just in time for Super Bowl Sunday or Valentine’s Day. Albert Einstein said it best: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

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