Mind, body and soul meet in Sarasota with the latest wellness endeavor from London Wellness, the Peak Performance Plan. A multifaceted “concierge-style” wellness plan uniting everything from hypnotism to proper diet, the latest from London Wellness Founder Bonni London takes a holistic approach to health. Focusing on preventative techniques, London wants to keep those Golden Years enjoyable for clients.

A personal trainer with a Masters in Nutrition from New York University, London found that during her sessions as a nutritionist, she was spending a large amount of time discussing an overall healthy lifestyle with clients, as opposed to a single aspect. The Peak Performance Plan is centered around the idea that factors like stress, exercise, diet and sleep directly affect how the last years of life will be experienced, and all need to be cared for in tandem for the best outcome. This month’s launch combines the traditional avenues of health and wellness, such as diet and exercise, with psychological and emotional elements such as stress control and hypnosis. The plan centers around dynamic partnerships between multiple professionals, including hypnotist Dr. Art Emrich and chef Alyson Zildjian, which aim to result in a total lifestyle change.

Linda Maree became a client of London Wellness after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease last year, with a goal of maintaining her strength. Maree made the choice not to accept the “bad days” and worked with London towards her goal. “As we started tweaking my diet, not only did I begin to feel stronger,” she says, “my friends started telling me I was looking younger.”

Important to making and maintaining any lifestyle change is a sense of community and encouragement, which is one of the final pieces that London Wellness seeks to provide its clients. And through the process of making their lifestyle change, London sends regular supportive emails to her clients, with tips and encouragement to maximize their success. “Change is hard,” London agrees, but she plans on making it easier with a little help from her friends.

Photos from the Launch Party for The Peak Performance Plan

You start off with all the motivation in the world. “This is it”, you say to yourself. This time is really going to be different, you know what to do you have done many times before. Your going to finally get in shape, lose that 30lbs, avoid foods that you know aggravate your diabetes, high blood pressure or gastric reflux. You carefully “watch” what you are eating all day and then after a long day you come home, starving, wanting to de-stress and have forgotten to plan for Dinner.  All of your resolve to make a different choice escapes your memory as you mindlessly eat whatever is available! Now you blew it, and you might as well just give up till next Monday.

This scenario is the norm not the exception, as we try to just wish ourselves to a healthier lifestyle rather than a well thought out plan. Would you consider taking a vacation, going to a business meeting or run a marathon without creating a plan of how you are going to accomplish these goals. Absolutely not, than why do we think we should be able to adhere to a diet /lifestyle goal without a plan?

You can’t, the expression “fail to plan or plan to fail” applies. Achieving or maintaining a healthy body does not happen by accident, it requires planning! This is where getting a strategic, personalized plan from a professional whose only focus is to give you the tools to accomplish your goals is crucial. This is not about will-power, it is about “skill-power”! In other words, planning ahead for where you know you have gotten into trouble before can make all the difference in the world. Overtime, you will strengthen the skills you need to make longterm meaningful changes.

Make your goal a reality by creating a personalized plan that works for you and your lifestyle. Every client has unique challenges. I have successfully counseled busy executives who travel 50% of the time, full-time parents who have to balance work and family, as well as many retirees who may eat Dinner out nearly every evening. You can see whether you have all the time in the world or are booked down to the minute, creating a diet and lifestyle that is in alignment with your goals requires strategic planning.

It is my personal mission at London Wellness to provide you with the tools you need to plan appropriately and successfully accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.


How would you like the tools to maintain your weight and optimum health without dieting again?

After all, a diet is something you do for a short period of time and guess what, dieting makes you hungry and more likely to overindulge when the opportunity arises. Humans are built for survival, and this means that it seeks homeostasis or stable weight. It does not want you to lose the fat without a battle, you might need it the next time you decide to go without food for extended period of time. However, with appropriate diet and lifestyle choices you can convince your body to perform the way you demand.

This is not a dress rehearsal, you only get one body and learning to take care of it is a responsibility you owe to yourself. We live in a complicated, modern world and have been inundated with an overload of information. Turn on any media outlet and you are sure to find the latest, greatest techniques to lose weight easily and live the life of your dreams. Watching cooking has become a spectator sport instead of an activity we accept that we must engage in for survival! When did something as instinctual as eating become so confusing?

Give Food A Chance!

A century ago, we may have been much more concerned with if we were eating rather than what we were eating. Jump ahead to current times and we are bombarded with food on nearly every corner, from fast food restaurants to grabbing lunch at the gas station. Unfortunately, our food has become so adulterated that it no longer resembles food, it is food-like substances that we have come to accept as edible. In addition, foods that we do recognize such as chicken has become altered due to what our livestock is fed, such as antibiotics and GMO corn and soy,  that the end product is very different from what our Grandparents knew to be chicken. I fear that the next generation may think chicken comes in a plastic wrap!

I would like to suggest something radical – food! Give food a chance! What have you got to lose? Today is truly the first day of the rest of your life. The only time it is possible make a change is now, the past is over and the future isn’t here. Only today, can you decide to embrace diet and lifestyle choices that truly support your vision of your future ideal self.

What are you waiting for?  Adopt a longterm lifestyle that truly supports your health and weight goals and never diet again.

Are you ready to be transformed? You bring your desire and commitment to make consistent, positive changes and we will work together to accomplish your goals.

The London Wellness mission is to empower individuals to utilize nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes that will dramatically impact and improve quality of life! The Creation of London Wellness is the culmination of life experiences, research and science combined with leading edge information on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.

As an authority on lifestyle coaching, I integrate the latest research with your personalized goals to achieve your vision!