Heart Disease

Heart disease remains the number one cause of death. It is well recognized the critical role that diet and lifestyle play in the prevention and management of heart disease. However, the recommendations of what constitutes a heart healthy diet have shifted in the past decade. We now understand that inflammation plays a major role in the formation of heart disease. Learning what to include is equally important as what to exclude when managing heart disease. Diet can be your most powerful weapon when utilizing evidence based nutrition information to achieve your goals.


Review problem and history. Identify issue: cardiac labs; body composition; extra weight; energy loss; aches and pains; restless sleep. Develop customized strategy.



Using your personalized plan as a guide, regular evaluations, review and strategy adjustments keep you on track to achieve the desired result.


Customized tools include a personalized strategy plan for long-term disease management.


Improve your cardiac labs | Improve body composition | Healthy weight loss – maintain muscle, lose fat | More energy to engage in activities | Reduce aches and pains | Improved sleep

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with heart disease or has suffered a heart attack or stroke,  relief of symptoms and a better quality of life is possible. 

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