Peak Performance Plan


I am proud to announce that I will soon be unveiling a new concierge-style lifestyle wellness program named Peak Performance Plan.

The Peak Performance Plan is a new holistic program ideal for health-conscious baby boomers who are ready to embrace both change and peak wellness. The plan integrates my expertise in diet and fitness with a wide range of other lifestyle-enhancing therapies and activities. I will guide each client through process of goal-setting and incremental improvements in close consultation with a team of complementary professionals in disciplines such as home organization, cooking instruction, subliminal reinforcement, yoga, Pilates, and personal training.

Change is hard. We’ll spend less time discussing the specifics of the diet and nutrition, and more about managing stress, improving sleep, fitting in physical activity (beyond golf or walking the dog), and maintaining an active social life. I’ve seen it repeatedly – in order to successfully implement a positive change in diet or lifestyle, we need to address as many aspects and influences as necessary or possible.

So many of those who move to Sarasota embrace an active, social, and thriving lifestyle. Baby Boomers, the majority of my clients, tend to realize that health is truly the wealth that enables them to experience all that Sarasota life has to offer. They can benefit from the structure of the Peak Performance Plan to redirect their daily habits to attain and maintain maximum well-being. I’ve developed the Peak Performance Plan as the tool to deliver this desired lifestyle.

A Sample Peak Performance Plan in the Initial Stages

  1. A comprehensive consultation with me will help you identify your unique lifestyle goals and points the way to the first steps of a personalized plan for diet and lifestyle.
  2. A scheduled home visit with professional organizer Elizabeth Harrison provides focused time to evaluate and strategically organize the client’s refrigerator and dry storage. Snack foods, alas, will be placed out of sight, but the benefit of an organized kitchen is well worth it.
  3. Supermarket tour with me to help navigate the increasingly confusing task of buying food.
  4. Optional professional cooking lessons with local caterer and chef Alyson Zyldian demonstrate novel ways to prepare a great meal in record time.
  5. Subliminal messaging while you sleep, is a popular, life-changing technique used by experienced health coach Art Emrich, PhD. He will create a personalized CD for listening just before and during sleep that has the ability to reprogram the mind to better support specific goals.

In addition to the partners mentioned here, I have also connected with local restaurants on behalf of Peak Performance Plan clients to help minimize the stress of dining out. I have a catalog of local professionals to provide additional services such as yoga, Pilates, personal training, massage therapy and more.

I designed the Peak Performance Plan as a roadmap for realizing each individual’s unique potential. Diet is a core ingredient to success, as what you eat and how you eat has the power to dramatically transform the performance of your brain and body.

I’ve seen as clients take proactive role in their own wellbeing to adopt one positive habit which dominos into other areas of life. When you start eating better, you may have more energy to exercise and then you might get a better night’s sleep! This is at the core of the Peak Performance Plan, it is not just about a short-term achievement, it is about living a life that truly is representative of your core values.