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The Peak Performance Plan

The Peak Performance Plan provides resources and support, so that clients will have the tools necessary to accomplish their goals.

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With you!

Change is hard

But having a partner and support team could be the missing link to transform your goals into reality.


The first step is an initial consultation to determine personal goals, assess where you are now, and finally create a 100% personalized diet and lifestyle plan!


Next, regular follow-up consultations will implement the nuances that create the long-term strategy that works for you.


Finally, you will receive regular, supportive emails, so you know that I’m with you every step of the way, providing helpful tips and strategies to maximize your success.

You don’t have to go it alone!

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The Peak Performance Partners

In addition to the partners mentioned here, I have also connected with local restaurants on behalf of Peak Performance Plan clients to help minimize the stress of dining out. I have a catalog of local professionals to provide additional services such as yoga, Pilates, personal training, massage therapy and more.


Art Emrich

Art Emrich began his career in the U.S Air Force. He served 8 years, is a Vietnam veteran, and was the 41st Air Division Leadership and Management instructor. In the years following his military service, he joined Dupont at the Savannah River site. For the next 30 years he worked as a computer programmer, was in the Human Resources department, and was the Chief Supervisor of Finance at the Savannah River National Laboratory. He was then transferred to Japan as the Manager of Human Development for the Asia/Pacific region.

After leaving Dupont, Art joined Kanbay International (now a division of Capgemini) as the Vice President of Learning and Culture. Since then, Art has been a professional personal coach. He has introduced a variety of breakthrough learning interventions worldwide, successfully working with groups and individuals as a coach, advisor, and mentor. He has a variety of certifications, including Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming, and practices an array of specialties. Art received an MBA from the University of South Carolina and a PhD in behavioral science from Alpha University in Louisiana.

After moving to Sarasota Art started his own business, U-Solutions where he is the Head Coach. Some of his clients include athletes seeking the mental/emotional component of success, medical referral patients headed for surgery or those with chronic pain, and people who are facing more everyday challenges such as a job interview or academic test, and want to access their best-performing self. You may find yourself asking if there is anything that Art hasn’t done! To read more about his offerings, testimonials, and publications, visit his website at

Alyson Zildjian

For over 30 years Chef Alyson Zildjian has been inspiring and impacting the local food scene. Her clientele is diverse ranging from Fortune 500 companies to private clients celebrating various life style events. Her passion for healthy food is clear by how she dishes out the best local and organic produce that she can find in season. You may see her at our local farms in Sarasota spending time learning about in-season produce and teaching others; Chef Alyson has a culinary and business degree from Johnson and Wales University, a member of the American Culinary Federation, and sits on the Board of Slow Food Greater Sarasota and the Edible School Garden Committee.

She sets herself apart from the rest further by building menus individually tailored for those having dietary restrictions. This year she launched a new division of her company, Peak Performance Catering, where she concentrates on creating balanced menu’s geared toward the dietary needs of athletic teams. Alyson is always ready and willing to help her clients effortlessly by serving beautiful, nutritious, and allergy-friendly food to her guests. For a full list of Zildjian Catering’s services, menus, and ABC7 appearances, explore her website at and

Elizabeth Harrison

Elizabeth Harrison is a Professional Organizer with a passion for helping others find focus and order in their lives. She understands that sometimes no matter your good intentions, you just don’t always have the time or energy–this is where she steps in! Elizabeth is certified Project Manager, a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, and the Preferred Organizers Association™.

She carefully considers her clients needs and wants, as well as personality types, to add a personalized touch to all of her projects, leaving her clients satisfied and proud of their new space. From your home to your office, Elizabeth and her team will help you develop the perfect plan to keep you organized and stress-free. To contact Elizabeth or read about her services, visit her website at