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Wellness Services

Ongoing nutritional counseling focuses on integrating emotions to ensure mindful and healthy eating. We analyze your food intake and provide feedback on whether you are meeting your nutritional needs. We also make specific diet recommendations, devise a meal and exercise plan, and can advise you on how to prevent or manage a chronic disease.

Nutrition & Fitness Counseling: Dietary Analysis: An analysis of your diet & excercise (‘a day in the life’) is the first step in our consultation(s). We offer a variety of one-on-one counseling options to fit your needs.

Advanced Targeted Programs: These Targeted Programs are designed with specific goal(s) in mind.

Body Composition Testing (BIA Analysis): London Wellness uses this cutting-edge technology to test the composition of your body and determine your levels of muscle mass, body fat, water and other key elements. This allows us to identify and isolate areas of concern and/or to see a more exact measurement of your results.