Weight Management

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Having an issue controlling your weight is far greater than managing appearances. Being overweight is correlated with an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and some cancers. In addition, being overweight can affect your social well-being and emotional health. Emotional well-being is an increasingly huge cost to pay as society puts pressures on us to maintain our appearance while the instructions on how to do that have been misdirected. With the overload of information available about how to lose weight or get healthy, it is more important than ever to seek out the advice of an experienced expert.

If you have tried to lose weight and failed you may already understand that there is far more to successful weight loss than decreasing calories and increasing activity. That’s right, stop counting calories eaten or burned! Learning to focus on the quality of foods you eat is far easier and dramatically more successful!


Review problem and history. Identify issue: Weight loss or weight gain; Hormone imbalances; Thyroid dysfunction; Adrenal dysfunction.


Using the customized plan as a guide, regular evaluations, review and strategy adjustments keep you on track to achieve the desired result.


Customized tools include a personalized strategy plan for long-term habit development and informed decision-making.


You will know: How to always make the best food choices. What to eat when you get stressed. How to exercise smarter, not harder. What to eat when at a party, restaurant or a cruise. How to deal with cravings. How to feel better in your body.

If you struggle with weight or just want to improve your body composition (more muscle, less fat) then don’t put it off for another moment.

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